Picture Books Plus

Inclusion is based on the belief, that students of all abilities have the right to meaningful education, equivalent to their peers.


Main points of the current policy of the Picture Books Plus Foundation

Objective of the organisation

Developing and publishing picture books for visually impaired children in which cognitive, emotional and social functions of a story are central. The picture book involves the use of braille and tactile graphics.

Description of the organisation

The board consists of chairman Colette Pelt who has an educational background and scientific knowledge in the field of children’s literature. She has developed an analytical method in which an illustrated narrative in form and content can be edited for people with visual impairments. With this unique method visually impaired children are enabled to read picture books read by their non-visually impaired peers. Other board members are Ingrid van der Heijden, secretary of the foundation and expert analysis of text and picture books, Chrétien Versteegh is treasurer and Linda Groeneweg general board member. Edith Hertog, economist and involved in the foundation as a volunteer, supports various activities and advises in the areas of (financial) project and strategic management with aiming for continuity. All managerial activities are voluntary and unpaid.

Description of the project

Picture books are an introduction to the reading culture and are of great importance in every child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. The current range of books with tactile graphics and braille is very limited and the story is often secondary.

The method Picture Books Plus is more than reading a story and feeling illustrations. Picture Books Plus provides a modified story to maintain the three essential functions mentioned above. Both the reading guide,  as well as an object/toy, and the relief drawings are developed on the basis of the method of analysis of an existing picture book. Photos of this are included in the documentation. To realise all this, the foundation is working with an experienced artist who works according to the guidelines for making tactile drawings, a printer specialized in 2.5D-printing technique, and experts in the field of text analysis and picture books. In addition, blind adults test the braille and relief drawings of the tactile edition. Finally, together with parents and teachers, the reading guide is evaluated.

Foundation Picture Books Plus goal was to publish in the period 2016-2018 a total of 10 titles in an edition of 50 copies per title and we succeeded! In order to reach this goal, a selection was made from the current picture books which are suitable for adaptation in terms of story, text and illustration. As a prototype, the first title is published in two languages at the own expenses of the foundation. The second title was developed and published thanks to a grant from Fund XL. The foundation aims at the lowest possible average selling price. The costs of development and production will be covered as much as possible from donations, funds and grants.

The second project is now in the pipeline. The first results will be shown in autumn 2019.

Target groups

The primary target group consists of young children with visual impairments. Globally the number of children (0-14) visually impaired is estimated to be 18.9 million, of whom 1.4 million are blind. (source: http://www.who.int/blindness/en/). The secondary target group are teachers. Most children attend regular primary schools and receive additional ambulatory educational guidance. This in the context of Inclusive Education. In addition, these children received ambulatory general development assistance.  Another group of children attend special education. Picture Books Plus is particularly suitable for children with a developmental age of four to eight years.

Through primary and ambulatory coaches the children are contacted. With Picture Books Plus adults have a new tool to guide the children in their development and to encourage them. For this it is necessary that a collection with easy access is formed, from which one can choose freely.

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