Pre-registration Form The Child in the Manger

Pre-registration Form The Child in the Manger

The Child in the Manger – Bette Westera en Robin Ottens – PictureBooksPlus Foundation

The book set of ‘The Child in the Manger’ contains
• the tactile print book with braille, black letters and tangible contrast illustrations, ISBN/EAN 978-94-92652-11-9
• the reading manual with instructions for the person reading the story
• a copper thurible
• charcoals and a small bag with incense

The tactile book will be printed in an edition of 50, expected delivery in Spring 2019.
The set will cost $ 149.95 but you can get 10% discount by using this pre-registration.

Before delivery you will receive a request for payment.

Pre-registration form for the book set ‘The Child in the Manger’


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