The Child in the Manger

This is the Christmas story as everyone knows it. The angel Garbriel comes to bring Mary the good news. She is expecting a special child. Then comes the message that Mary and Joseph must register themselves in their place of birth and when they are making the journey…

The reading manual, what is in it?

An example: The world turns upside down Nothing is actually upside down, but something happens that you really weren’t expecting. Has that ever happened to you?

Titel : The Child in the Manger
Auteur : Bette Westera, ill. Robin Ottens
Uitgever : Picture Books Plus
ISBN/EAN : 978-94-92652-11-9
Product specifications tactile book
Taal : English
Bindwijze : Spiral
Druk : 1
Verschijningsdatum : December 2018
Afmetingen : 29,7 x 21 x 1 cm
Aantal pagina’s : 15 pages
Aanbevolen leeftijd : 4+ year
Illustraties : tangible contrast illustrations
Lettertype : braille and blacklisters
Extra :
  • the reading manual with instructions for the person reading the story
  • a copper thurible
  • charcoals and a small bag with incense