Killer Gorilla

A little mouse loses her baby, but just as she starts looking for it, out of the rainforest looms a huge gorilla, so she starts running for her life. And so begins a chase that takes her all over the world: to China, Australia, North America, and even the Arctic! But when the gorilla finally catches up with her at the North Pole, it turns out that all he has been trying to do is return her baby to her!

Central is the desperation of mother mouse.

This is an adaptation of the picture book which is earlier published by Andersen Press.

The reading manual, what is in it?

An example: Tell the child the snow is falling, making Gorilla less visible to the eye. From the picture it does not prove Mouse has been caught in Gorilla’s hand. What do the words in the text tell us?

Titel : Killer Gorilla
Auteur : Tony Ross, ill. Jeanne Willis
Uitgever : Picture Books Plus
Product specifications tactile book
Taal : Egnlish
Bindwijze : Spiral
Druk : 1
Verschijningsdatum : December 2015
Afmetingen : 30 x 30 x 2 cm
Aantal pagina’s : 15 pagina’s
Aanbevolen leeftijd : 4+ year
Illustraties : tangible, colored illustrations
Lettertype : braille and black font
Extra :
  • a reading manual
  • the original picture book
  • a cuddly gorilla and a little mouse